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AHA Summer Retreat 2020

The virtual retreat was held on July 29 & 30, 2020.



Hardware/software systems must become easier and more fun to develop. We aim to enable a more agile hardware development flow, to quickly and easily modify an existing design, letting us play with the resulting system.

Open Source Pledge Open Source Initiative

Center researchers pledge to use and develop open-source hardware and software, and it is the intention of all Agile Hardware Center researchers that any hardware and software will be released under an open source model, such as the 3-clause BSD license.  The center is open to all Stanford faculty who share this goal. 

AHA Agile Hardware Project

The three pillars of AHA funding

While advances in software tools and frameworks have enabled individuals to create interesting new products in reasonable time frames, hardware designs take large teams multiple years. This disparity in required effort decreases hardware innovation and interest.  To address this issue, we must make hardware/software systems easier and more fun to develop, which means that we need to enable a more “agile” hardware development flow, making it possible to quickly and easily modify an existing design and play with the resulting system. To foster this goal of agile hardware design, we initiated the AHA Agile Hardware Project, supported by three strong pillars of funding: ISTC Agile, Intel's Science and Technology Center (ISTC) for Agile HW Design; DARPA/NFS government agencies; and Stanford's own industrial affiliates program. Our research complements and coordinates with similar efforts from partners at UCB Aspire.