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AHA Industrial Affiliates Program

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Members of the industrial affiliates program are an integral part of AHA.

The Stanford AHA Agile Hardware Center brings together diverse funding sources including Intel Science and Technology Centers for Visual Cloud and Agile Hardware, DARPA research grants, and Stanford Industrial Affiliates Program. Members of the affiliates program are an integral part of AHA. They provide insights on real-world problems, opportunities, and constraints that inform and inspire AHA research. They engage with faculty and students, and provide a path to testing and applying our innovations, thus leading to large-scale impact.

AHA Vision and Team

The AHA develops technologies that enable designers to easily create and add powerful feature-rich applications, computing, and communications to any intelligent device or system. This vision requires custom application-specific accelerators and agile system and hardware development tools. As an industrial affiliate, you'll be part of the AHA team, including the following Stanford professors and their research groups:

Sara Achour, Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering

Clark Barrett, Computer Science:  Satisfiability, formal software and hardware verification, and automated reasoning.

Pat Hanrahan, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering:  Visualization and scientific illustration, graphics systems and architectures including a programming environment for GPUs, and rendering algorithms for natural environments.

Mark Horowitz, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:  New design methodologies for VLSI circuits including analog and digital design methods, low-energy processors, and computational photography.

Fredrik Kjolstad, Computer Science:  Compilers and programming models, specifically programming systems for sparse computing applications.

Priyanka Raina, Electrical Engineering:  Design of energy-efficient circuits and systems for demanding applications on constrained-resource devices such as accelerating multimedia applications on mobile devices.

The AHA team aims to enable a more agile hardware development flow to quickly and easily modify an existing design. Design, validation, and software are now the critical issues. Solving these issues requires expertise in the application area and hardware design. The AHA team uses agile design practices and continuous integration with rapid design cycles and frequent tapeouts. Also, the team uses their own tools to create prototypes, and uses their own prototypes to create new systems.

AHA Corporate Supporters 

The following companies have generously supported AHA research. 

Amazon Annapurna Labs