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AHA Retreat - July 2020: Industry Spotlight

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At AHA Summer Retreat 2020, four speakers from the industry shared their experiences, challenges, and perspectives in hardware development.

Industry Speaker Bio

Dr. Shoaib Kamil, Principal Scientist, Creative Intelligence Lab, Adobe Research

Shoaib Kamil obtained his bachelor’s degree and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley as part of the Parallel Computing Laboratory.  In between, he worked in the Future Technologies Group at Lawrence Berkeley National on research into high performance parallel computation for future supercomputers.  Most recently, he was a research scientist at the MIT,   working with “Commit” ad the Computer-Aided Programming groups, investigating high performance domain-specific languages and the intersection of program synthesis and high performance computing.  Shoaib’s research interests are in the areas of programming systems, specifically new domain-specific languages, compilers, and programming techniques to make it easier for programmers to write concise, maintainable code, but still obtain high performance across architectures.

Dr. Brucek Khailany, Director of VLSI Research, NVIDIA

Brucek Khailany joined NVIDIA in 2009 and is currently the Director of the ASIC and VLSI Research group.  He leads research into innovative design methodologies for integrated circuit (IC) development, machine learning (ML) and GPU-assisted electronic design automation (EDA) algorithms, and energy-efficient ML accelerators.  Over 10 years at NVIDIA, he has contributed to many projects in research and product groups spanning computer architecture and VLSI design.  Previously, from 2004-2009, he was a Co-Founder and Principal Architect at Stream Processors, Inc (SPI) where he led research and development activities related to parallel processor architectures.  He received the the Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in Stanford, CA in 2003 and the B.S.E. degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI in 1997, in electrical engineering.

Dr. Drew Wingard, Director of Silicon Methodology, Facebook

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Nafea Bshara, VP/Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Nafea Bshara is a VP/Distinguished engineer at Amazon, working on system/hardware/silicon products for AWS infrastructure,  he roles involved leading projects and architecture spanning hypervisor, Machine learning, server chips, networking and optics,  storage media and systems.  Prior to joining Amazon, Nafea was CTO and co-founder of Annapurna Labs, a stealth startup working on virtualization acceleration acquired by Amazon in 2015.  Prior to Annapurna Labs, Nafea spent 16 years at Marvell/Galileo in various engineering and business roles, and was CTO for the infrastructure business in last 6 years at Marvell.


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