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AHA Retreat - July 2020: Poster Session

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AHA Researchers and Students presented Lightning Talks for their posters for AHA Summer Virtual Retreat on July 29 and 30, 2020.

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1. clockwork: A Polyhedral Compiler for High Throughput, Low Latency Image Processing Accelerators (Dillon Huff)
2. Creating a Cost Function for Optimizing Loop Fusion in Clockwork (Isabela David Rodrigues)

3. Aetherling: Type-Directed Scheduling of Streaming Accelerators (David Durst)

4. Magma and Fault: Python Embedded Hardware Construction and Verification Languages Designed for Productivity, Performance, and Correctness (Lenny Truong)
5. Gemstone: A Framework for Flexible and Reusable Hardware Generators (Raj Setaluri)
6. Improved FSM Verification for Generator Frameworks (Keyi Zhang)
7. Source-Level Debugging for Generator Frameworks (Keyi Zhang)
8. mflowgen: A Modular Flow Generator for Enabling Agile Principles in Physical Design (Chris Torng)
9. Garnet CGRA SoC Architecture and Physical Design (Alex Carsello & James Thomas)
10. Hardware Support for a Flexible Memory System and Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (Taeyoung Kong)
11. Optimizing PE Tile Energy and Delay (Kathleen Feng)
12. Improving Energy Efficiency for DNNs with Temporal Scheduling in the PEs (Ankita Nayak)
13. Improving Energy Efficiency for CGRAs with Low-Overhead Fine-Grained Power Domains (Ankita Nayak)
14. Demo: Generating Garnet and Running Test Applications (Teguh Hofstee)
15. Creating a Cost Function for Auto-Scheduling Applications on the Garnet SoC (Kalhan Koul)
16. Running Accelerated Halide Programs End-to-End on an SoC (Charles Tsao)
17. FPGA Emulation of Mixed-Signal Systems (Steven Herbst)