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AHA Affiliate Member engagement includes the following elements:

  • Invitations to one technical retreat per year
  • Invitations to monthly review meetings
  • Invitations to on-campus seminars and workshops that are great opportunities to engage with students
  • An opportunity to serve on the AHA advisory board, thus providing input on industry considerations
  • Sharing innovations including software, tools, and hardware prototypes that we develop, under a permissive open source license
  • Active engagement with faculty members and students to discuss research and pursue collaboration


The Affiliate Members contribute $250,000 per year for Full Membership or $100,000 per year for Associate Membership, with the expectation of at least three years of membership. SystemX companies can become Associate Members of AHA by contributing two tokens to the Design Productivity Focus Area to support AHA research, since these token provide the needed $100,000 funding.




Sponsorship level per year
Participation in Annual Research RetreatXX
Research Seminar InvitationsXX
AHA Repository Access to Center Documentation and Research ReportsXX
Participation in Monthly Research Reviews / SteeringXX
FMA (Fellow-Mentor-Advisor) Research for more individualized projectX 
Visiting Scholar PositionX 
Coordinated Faculty & Student Site Visits*X 
Intern Position AdvertisingXX
*The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.  


To join the AHA Affiliates Program, please contact Prof. Mark Horowitz at .

Industrial Affiliates Program Resources

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