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AHA Retreat - July 2020


July 29 - 30, 2020

9:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT on both days

All sessions are held by Zoom. (The poster session is held by .)



Wednesday, July 29

9:00-9:15 Introduction Mark Horowitz

Keynote Talk:
The End of Four Ages of Computer Architecture and the New Fifth Age

John Hennessy
10:00-10:15 An AHA Perspective
 [pdf]  [video]
Priyanka Raina
10:15-10:45 Deep Dive Talk 1:
Connecting Polyhedral Optimization to CGRA Buffer Generation
 [pdf]  [video]
Qiaoyi (Joey) Liu
Dillon Huff
Jeff Setter
10:45-11:15 Deep Dive Talk 2:
A General Mapping Flow in an Agile Hardware World
 [pdf]  [video]
Ross Daly
Caleb Donovick

Lightning Talks for Posters: (See videos)

  1. clockwork: A Polyhedral Compiler for High Throughput, Low Latency
    Image Processing Accelerators (Dillon Huff)
  2. Creating a Cost Function for Optimizing Loop Fusion in Clockwork
    (Isabela Barros David Rodrigues)
  3. Aetherling: Type-Directed Scheduling of Streaming Accelerators
    (David Durst)
  4. Magma and Fault: Python Embedded Hardware Construction and
    Verification Languages Designed for Productivity, Performance, and
    Correctness (Lenny Truong)
  5. Gemstone: A Framework for Flexible and Reusable Hardware
    Generators (Raj Setaluri)
  6. Improved FSM Verification for Generator Frameworks (Keyi Zhang)
  7. Source-Level Debugging for Generator Frameworks (Keyi Zhang)
  8. mflowgen: A Modular Flow Generator for Enabling Agile Principles in
    Physical Design (Chris Torng)
  9. Garnet CGRA SoC Architecture and Physical Design (Alex Carsello &
    James Thomas)
  10. Hardware Support for a Flexible Memory System and Dynamic Partial
    Reconfiguration (Taeyoung Kong)
  11. Optimizing PE Tile Energy and Delay (Kathleen Feng)
  12. Improving Energy Efficiency for DNNs with Temporal Scheduling in
    the PEs (Ankita Nayak)
  13. Improving Energy Efficiency for CGRAs with Low-Overhead
    Fine-Grained Power Domains (Ankita Nayak)
  14. Demo: Generating Garnet and Running Test Applications
    (Teguh Hofstee)
  15. Creating a Cost Function for Auto-Scheduling Applications on the
    Garnet SoC (Kalhan Koul)
  16. Running Accelerated Halide Programs End-to-End on an SoC
    (Charles Tsao)
  17. FPGA Emulation of Mixed-Signal Systems (Steven Herbst)



11:45-12:30 Poster Session (in Gather.Town) All


Thursday, July 30

9:00-9:30 Deep Dive Talk 3:
Formal Checkers and Solvers for Hardware Design and Verification
 [pdf-Mann]  [pdf-Niemetz]  [video]

Makai Mann
Aina Niemetz

9:30-10:00 Deep Dive Talk 4:
Lake Memory Generator and SMT for Automated Memory
 [pdf]  [video]
Max Strange
Kavya Sreedhar
Nestan Tsiskaridze
10:00-10:30 Discussion, Break (in Gather.Town) All

Deep Dive Talk 5:
Design Space Exploration of Processing Element Architectures
 [pdf]  [video]

Jack Melchert
Kathleen Feng
11:00-11:45 Industry Spotlight (Speaker bio):
  • Dr. Shoaib Kamil, Principal Scientist, Creative Intelligence Lab,
    Adobe Research
  • Dr. Brucek Khailany, Director of VLSI Research, NVIDIA
  • Dr. Drew Wingard, Director of Silicon Methodology, Facebook
  • Nafea Bshara, VP/Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services
11:45-12:00 Closing Thoughts
Pat Hanrahan
12:00-12:30 Open Discussion with Industry Speakers, Faculty & Students
(in Gather.Town)


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