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AHA Retreat - August 2022: Poster Session

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Wednesday, August 24, 5:30-6:30pm




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Evolution of CGRAs

1 Amber: Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array-Based SoC for Dense Linear Algebra Acceleration Alex Carsello
2 Onyx: A 12nm SoC with a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array Accelerating Dense and Sparse Applications Kalhan Koul
3 Design Space Exploration of Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Arrays Po-Han Chen
4 APEX: A Framework for Automated Processing Element Design Space Exploration using Frequent Subgraph Analysis Jackson Melchert
5 Progressions of the Affine Memory Controllers in Onyx Jake Ke

Dense and Sparse Compilation to CGRAs

6 Compiling Halide Applications to CGRAs Jeff Setter
7 Comparing the Abstraction Granularity between Different Push Memory Accelerator Compilers Qiaoyi (Joey) Liu
8 An Interoperable Compiler for Tensor Algebra Manya Bansal
9 The Sparse Abstract Machine Olivia Hsu
10 Hardware and Software for Sparse Machine Learning Fred Kjolstad
11 Running CGRA Applications at High Frequencies: Pipelining and Place-and-Route Techniques Yuchen Mei

Hardware Design Tools

12 Fostering the Next VLSI Design Revolution Rick Bahr, Mark Horowitz, Priyanka Raina
13 Type Safe Interaction between Hardware Modules using Abstract Protocols Specified with Session Types Lenny Truong, Caleb Donovick
14 Bringing Source-Level Debugging Frameworks to Hardware Generators Keyi Zhang
15 Automatic Generation of Architectural Energy Models Raj Setaluri

Acceleration of Emerging Applications

16 Accelerating Pose Tracking for Extended Reality Kathleen Feng
17 Accelerating Dynamic Real-Time Inference for Vision Transformers Kavya Sreedhar
18 Accelerated Identification of Disease-Causing Variants with Ultra-Rapid Nanopore Genome Sequencing Sneha Goenka
19 Analog Machine Lisp: Compiling Programs for Noise Robustness Qiantan Hong

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