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AHA Retreat - August 2023: Poster Session

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Wednesday, August 30, 6:00-7:00pm




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Evolution of CGRAs1 Kalhan Koul 
2 Akhilesh Balasingam 
3 Po-Han Chen,            
Bo-Wun Cheng
4Lake: A Framework for the Generation of Automatically Configurable Streaming MemoriesMaxwell Strange 
5Using a CGRA with Dynamic Partial ReconfigurationTaeyoung Kong 
Dense and Sparse Compilation to CGRAs6Sparse PyTorchBobby Yan 
7Sparse Recurrences and Linear SolversShiv Sundram 
8Compiling Sparse ML to Streaming Dataflow HardwareOlivia Hsu,            
Rubens Lacouture
9Analyzing Reuse and Traffic with Blocking for Sparse AcceleratorsRitvik Sharma 
10Sparse Shape OperatorsAlexander Root 
11Efficiently Synthesizing Lowest Cost Rewrite Rules for Instruction SelectionRoss Daly 
12Cascade: An Application Pipelining Toolkit for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable ArraysJackson Melchert 
13Improving the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks on CGRAsYuchen Mei 
14A Placement and Routing Visualization and Editing Tool for CGRAsZhouhua Xie 
Design and Verification Tools15RegSeq: Enabling Automated Software Generation using Register Sequence SpecificationsGedeon Nyengele 
16Incorporating Formal Translation Validation into CGRA CompilersJackson Melchert 
17Lightweight Online Learning for Bounded Model CheckingHaoze Wu 
18An Abstract Calculus for Optimization Modulo TheoriesNestan Tsiskaridze 
19Rapid Integration of Flow IP with Agile Physical Design ToolsAlex Carsello 
20Avanergy: An Architecture-VLSI Abstraction for Automated Energy-Aware Design-Space Exploration ToolsChristopher Torng 
21Automatic Discovery of Late Stage Timing BugsRaj Setaluri 
Acceleration of Emerging Applications22ASPEN: Acceleration of Visual Inertial Odometry for Extended Reality on an FPGAKathleen Feng 
23A Fast Large-Integer Extended GCD Algorithm and Hardware DesignKavya Sreedhar 
24Interupt-Driven Viterbi for High-Speed LinksZachary Myers 
25CAMEL: Co-Designing AI Models and Embedded DRAMs for Efficient On-Device ML TrainingThierry Tambe 

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